Spirit Vaporizer Online UK



Spirit Vaporizer Online UK

Spirit Vaporizer Online UK. To begin with, Spirit by Storm combines digital temperature control and smart. Slim pocket-friendly design with the same reliability, quality of build. Also, a swappable high-quality 18650 battery has made the Storm Vaporizer Pen a global success story.

Works with Herbs & Concentrates
Suitable for use with herbs, concentrates, and resins (resin capsule available separately), Spirit features a magnetic cap with a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and filter, so your hits are now smoother and fresher than ever before.

Taking its lead from some of the latest high-end portable vaporizers on the market today, Spirit brings a new level of quality to an entry-level price bracket. Its solid build houses some smart technology, like the clever ceramic zirconia filter and mouthpiece, which soaks up most of the heat from the vapour as it travels, making it cooler and fresher.


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