Pineberry Blonde Hash UK



Pineberry Blonde Hash UK

Pineberry Blonde Hash UK, or hashish, is the product of collecting the resin or trichomes from cannabis plants. This hash contains the same active cannabis ingredients such as THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Furthermore, usually in higher concentrations than cannabis buds or leaves.  Another way to make Hashish is somewhat stronger than the average marijuana. When people smoke hash certain sensations come about.

One can start feeling any of the following depending on the strain or origin of the hashish: happy, relaxed, feeling silly, feeling hungry or one can have a cloudy (not thinking clearly) or a very sharp mind depending on the Indica or Sativa dominance of the Hashish. Pineberry Blonde Hash is ideal for treating cannabis medical patients with mood disorders, including mood swings, and manic depression due to its relaxing nature.


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