Nepalese Temple UK Hash



Nepalese Temple UK Hash

Buy Nepalese Temple UK Hash Online. This Hash dates back thousands of years to Lebanon and Nepal. Where the annual cannabis harvest was concentrated and cured for storage to last until the next harvest season. This hash is a fully decarboxylated whole-plant cannabis concentrate with high a THC percent that ranges from 50-60%.

These balls produce a potent, aromatic, and flavored texture. As a result of rolling, the THC is activated and a powdery material is formed, which sticks after some time. Their color ranges from dark brown on the outside to red-brown inside. They provide you with a feeling of highness and dream-inducing sleep.

The smokers that continue taking temple balls are habitual to their effects of potent high, but new smokers can take them in small amounts just for their smell and flavored taste. Its effects are so strong that you feel sudden high very intensely.

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1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g