Medusa CBD Vapor 250mg 15ml UK



Medusa CBD Vapor 250mg 15ml UK

Medusa CBD Vapor 250mg 15ml UK. There’s an ancient story which goes: by staring at a Gorgon woman with snakes for hair, you would turn into stone. They carry a nice array of e-juices that you can most certainly look at. Not to mention, be able to use on a daily basis. Medusa CBD Vapor 250mg is the third highest level of CBD vape juice available at Pure CBD Vapors. Plus, you’ll still enjoy the effects of this awesome CBD strand.

Capable of working with any of the current tanks or traditional atomizers out there, it’s made with 100% organic VG. This way, you can also use it under your tongue as well as vape. Free of preservatives or additives, their secret ingredient as you may be aware of is Cannabidiol. All these factors truly make it more than desirable to have for yourself indeed.

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