Lick Cookies and Cream Flavored



Lick Cookies and Cream Flavored

Lick Cookies and Cream Flavored. Lick Water-Based for Sex, 4 oz – Edible Lubricant for Sex with All Natural Organic Ingredients – Safe Use with Condoms and Toy. 

HYPOALLERGENIC, WATER-BASED FORMULA WITH BALANCED PH AND PARABEN-FREE- 100% made in the UK. Gentle with your skin, all-natural vegan, with a variety of organic ingredients. It enhances pleasure in adult men and women, no matters what age they are. Open yourself to a new kind of delicious possibilities! INTIMATE FLAVORS FOR EVERYONE, MULTIPLE USES FOR ADULT-SEX- Water-based personal lubricant for penile and/or vaginal application, fun way to introduce oral sex to a reluctant partner, supplements the body natural’s lubrication, can be used for vaginal dryness, great for massage and other personal pleasures in erogenous zones. BODY SAFE AND GREAT TASTING TO MAKE GOOD SEX INTO GREAT SEX- Compatible with natural rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms. Please, do not use it as a spermicide or contraceptive.

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