Kushy Punch Gummy Indica UK


1 pack


Kushy Punch Gummy Indica UK

Buy Kushy Punch Gummy Indica Online UK. 100% Organic from colors & flavors. Also, Low calorie, low sugar INDICA GUMMY comes in a delicious tropical fruit punch flavor. Furthermore, free from peanuts, dairy, fat and is GMO free. In addition,  Kushy Punch Indica is a perfect therapeutic product made from full spectrum Cannabis oil it is sure to pack a punch.

Gummies are an excellent way to get a small burst of sugar without overloading on too much sugar and calories. Their small size and chewy texture is great for storage and snacking on the go. If you’re looking for some gummies to fill in for a pre- or post-dinner snack, try these indica infused Kushy Punch Gummies. These fruity, tropical flavored gummies contain 100MG of indica cannabis that help relax you after a long day.

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