Jager Cannabis Strain UK



Jager Cannabis Strain UK

Buy Jager Cannabis Strain UK Online. It is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing LA Confidential and Blue Dream. This strain produces full-body effects that are relaxing but not sedating. Jager tastes and smells like black licorice.

This strain was named after the dark alcoholic beverage from Germany. The average Indica-dominant strain has around 12.5% THC, but Jager is much more potent. Also, it’s not overly potent, and the fact that it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid.

This means that the high is relaxing, and doesn’t completely destroy your mind. However, the average phenotype or growth of Jager has about 20% THC, and the stronger phenotypes and grows have about 23%. Furthermore, this makes it a mid-range potency, as anything above 25% is considered very potent. 15-25% is considered to be medium potency.

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