HHC Disposable UK Vape Pen – 2 Pack


  • Compact disposable vape pen
  • 1ml cartridge per vape pen
  • 95% HHC
  • 2 vapes per pack
  • Rechargeable vape pen


HHC Disposable UK Vape Pen – 2 Pack

Buy HHC Disposable UK Vape Pen – 2 Pack Online. 2 pack of 1ML disposable vapes, including 2 strains of either Sour Diesel and Northern Lights or Blue Dream and Wedding Cake. These compact disposable vape pens contain 1ML of HHC and easily fit in your pocket to make it easy to smoke on the go.

HHC Disposable

Disposable vape cartridges are great options for consumers that are on the go and prefer discreet consumption. Today, you can find numerous types of disposable vapes on the market — including brand-new HHC disposables.

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Sour Diesel & Northern Lights, Blue Dream & Wedding Cake