Goji OG Marijuana UK



Goji OG Marijuana UK

Buy Goji OG Marijuana UK Online. The average hybrid has around 13%. Goji OG, on the other hand, shines through much more strongly. The average phenotype of this strain tests at around 20%, whereas the strongest phenotypes can have up to 22%.

This whopping number means that you know this strain will pack a punch. Because it’s (slightly) Sativa-dominant, some users may find that they are slightly overwhelmed by this strain. If you do feel too high after smoking Goji OG, follow this guide for feeling less high:

Have a cold shower

-Drink some coffee

-Work out or go to a quiet room and relax by yourself for a while

-Focus on your breathing, and remember that it’s all in your head

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Snow Lotus, Nepalese, OG Kush


Sweet, Berry, Flowery, Kush


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g