CBD Oil 10% 10ml Tincture UK



CBD Oil 10% 10ml Tincture UK

Buy CBD Oil 10% 10ml Tincture UK Online. Greeneo CBD Evening CBD Oil Organic with 1000mg CBD.  However,the name Evening is defined as the deliciously sweet blend of CBD and an almond and prune oil produced in France. Rich in vitamin E and source of omega 6 and 9.

The almond oil and prunes used received the “Gourmet D’Or” award at the 17th International Les Huiles Du Monde Competition of AVPA (French Agricultural Product Enhancement Agency).

Its sweet and delicious flavor combined beautifully with CBD offers a delicate flavor and roundness in the mouth that delights the most demanding palates.

No additives or chemicals.

This bottle has about 200 drops and each drop contains about 5mg of CBD.


Minimum 1000mg of CBD infused in almond and prunes oil.


We recommend placing 1-2 drops under the tongue (approximately 5mg-10mg) at each dosage. Remember that the required concentration varies from person to person, in which factors such as weight, age, physical condition have an impact. If the recommended dosage is not enough, you may increase the dosage until you find the right one for you.

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