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Buy Scissor Hash UK

Buy Scissor Hash UK Online. When trimming a build-up of the trichomes is likely to build up. Appearing on both your fingers ( unless gloves are worn) and on the blades of your snips. Scissor hash is nice and potent so ideal to smoke immediately as enough accumulates to liven up tedious trim sessions.

After 7 to 14 days buds should be dry enough to have a cure in air-tight containers or jars. Buds should be placed in to cure when they are light and have lost most of their moisture. Stems may still bend rather than snap but buds should feel fairly dry to the touch before being sealed up.

The crop then gets sealed in jars to cure which slowly removes the excess moisture. Inside the jars, the buds sweat until the jars open 20 mins daily to allow moisture to evaporate. This process is repeated for a week or two with close inspections for bud rot. It may benefit to turn the buds over in the jars every few days and inspect for this.

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