Buy Nepalese hash UK




Buy Nepalese hash UK

Buy Nepalese hash UK Online. This is an extremely rare type of hash. For instant,  Nepalese Hash is also known as the Nepalese Temple Ball. Originally, Nepalese hash makers would start with dried Indica cannabis flowers and rub it with the palms of their hands. As a result,  allowing the resinous and trichome rich areas of the bud to transfer onto their palms with enough friction.

Furthermore,  the heat from rubbing their hands together would cause enough thermal energy to activate the compounds in the resin extracted from the bud. They would then roll the sticky substance into a ball and set it aside until it was ready to be consumed. Nepalese Temple Balls have a shiny almost mirror-like exterior that is very dark.

The Original Nepalese Tempe Balls were smooth in texture and had a tropical fruity flavor. They have fragrant earthy and herbal undertones. In terms of strength, Nepalese Temple Balls have a similar THC content to Bubble hash, floating around 55-80%.





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